Tricor Dormers

Tricor Dormers is based in Sydney with offices in the CBD and Melbourne, Australia.

Specialities & Focus

Tricor Dormers offers foreign companies seeking to get established in Australia the option of freeing themselves entirely from the burden of accounting, tax and regulatory compliance by offering them services in accounting, payroll, company secretarial and tax compliance.

In addition, Tricor Dormers also offers other value-added services such as other value added services such as migration advice, transactions services and other business consultancy advisory services.

Based in Australia, our independent experts understand the local market and all its associated legal, financial and regulatory compliance requirements. With in-depth and detailed local knowledge, we can deliver the most appropriate services in a timely manner.


Tony Dormer
T: 0061 2 9874 8038


Level 3, 1049 Victoria Road, West Ryde NSW 2114

In your opinion, what is the future for the accounting profession?

I am an optimist and so of course I am going to say that the profession has an outstanding future. I also believe this. Even with all the ingredients of Cloud and Artificial Intelligence I believe experienced financial and tax advisers will be sought after for many years and certainly well beyond my tenure. I also believe we need to embrace digital changes coming through and then our services will be of a higher value and more intuitive. If we look at the changes in our Practice through Cloud and XERO for example, we can provide ongoing management and taxation advice without delay by simply having instant access to up-to-date general ledger systems. Our view is we should be agnostic when it comes to general ledger systems we provide advice through in Portal terms.
What is your growth strategy?

We have an annual growth budget of 10% plus per annum organically and we are lucky enough to see this work come through other Tricor offices and our domestic referral network. That does not mean to say we don’t look for marketing opportunities and referral opportunities such as BOKS. I am a long time international referral believer and have done very well out of it over many years of being involved with networks internationally.
Where do you see your firm 5 years from now?

I see our firm doubling in size organically over the next 5 years. I also see at least one acquisition in Australia which will double the size again. This will place us in the Top 50 rankings in Australia.
What is your biggest challenge?

Without doubt it is maintaining our present culture and adding senior staff who fit in to this readily. We are lucky enough to have an average tenure exceeding 5 years and it is most important that we maintain this for clients as well as for the firm. We rarely lose clients but it is a far bigger event if we lose a senior staff member. As Hal Rosenbluth said in his book ‘the customer comes second, your people come first.
What percentage of your work is international?

Our international percentage has been approximately 10% for many years but this is now growing and will probably end up being 30%. When I say international work I am including looking after international clients who are setting up in Australia. The only international tax work we don’t do in Australia are transfer pricing assignments which we refer to one of our partners either in Australia or overseas.

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