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Ruthberg LLC

603 Crystal Tower, Millennium Central, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE


Tom Keya
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T: +971 04 879074 3

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Ruthberg LLC

United Arab Emirates

Ruthberg LLC is a legal consultancy firm with a purpose based approach to business. We provide high quality, client focussed, and flexible legal consultancy services tailored to your needs. Headquartered in Dubai and with an international reach, we offer our proficient services both locally to clients in the UAE, as well as globally. Whether you’re an international business, a family office, a high-net-worth individual, or a start-up business, our expertly trained professionals will ensure the best all-round service is provided.

Our key services are listed below:

  • Corporate Legal Consultancy
  • Commercial Legal Consultancy
  • Dispute Resolution/Arbitration
  • Incorporation, Restructuring and Planning
  • Family Offices and Private Wealth


Our experienced team is made up of specialist legal consultants who provide high-quality legal advice. If they weren’t the best lawyers, it would be unlikely for them to be working with us. What sets us apart however is purpose. We believe in our team and as such the management team takes particular care towards their mental and physical health. Having a happy working environment means that our legal consultant are able to focus on our client’s work without the unnecessary pressures of office life. Our purpose therefore is eradicating mental health problems in the workplace.


By combining our strong professional expertise with the latest technology, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide an outstanding service to ensure flexible and creative solutions for all our clients.

We operate as a paperless business wherever possible and have invested in the highest quality IT infrastructure, including a top of the range cloud-based, ultra-secure document management system used by 83% of the largest law firms. Our goal is to make our clients’ lives as easy as possible; we only invest in sophisticated technology where it will directly benefit you.

We are also well head on blockchain and crypto services as the world moves towards a multi-currency environment.


We understand your need for support doesn’t cease at the close of business, and neither do we. As a modern and full-service firm, we feel being responsive and compassionate is of the utmost importance. Our global team leverages technology to enhance operational abilities and our clients have direct access to the team, so we’re always on hand to advise you.

Our client-focussed services are tailored to your needs. What sets us apart from other firms is our emphasis on our close professional and personal relationships with our clients. However, our modern full-service firm doesn’t just focus on the client. We also focus on the client’s industry, its competitors, as well as potential allies, to ensure that the client’s needs are fully met within the environment they operate in.


Client care is a core value at our firm. We pride ourselves on our awareness of mental health and wellbeing and we understand that you may be facing challenging circumstances which can be highly stressful. Rather than simply providing support which focuses on the technical aspects of a case, we take the time to provide a bespoke perspective which prioritises what is important to you.


Sports is a mandatory part of our legal consultancy, as is attendance at various initiatives (such as regular talks by psychiatrists and therapists) to ensure everyone is healthy. We believe legal work is serious business, but internally we make sure we have fun to contrast the seriousness of the job to the human element attached to it. You will find therefore that our team members are approachable, compassionate and above all always keen to learn more from you – as well as advise you on your legal needs.


Ruthberg LLC

United Arab Emirates

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10:34 AM 22 March 2023
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Head Office

603 Crystal Tower, Millennium Central, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

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