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Rex Consulting

99 Knyaz Boris I Str, Sofia, Bulgaria


Venzi Vassilev
E: [email protected]
T: +359 887 854 668

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Rex Consulting


Rex Consulting Ltd was established in September 1995 by self-employed professional consultants who advise and assist in the following areas:

Audit and accountancy;
Tax procedures and tax planning;
Payroll and social security;
Working capital management
Financial, pricing and banking issues;
Investment appraisal and budgeting;
Mergers and acquisitions;
Insolvency and liquidation;
Company incorporation;
Civil law;

Rex Consulting is based in Sofia and has subsidiaries in Varna, Plovdiv and Bansko. Rex Consulting Ltd is also a founding member of the Bulgarian Association of the Professional Accounting Companies.

Our policy is to develop and maintain Rex Consulting as a nucleus which attracts new prospective associates who can contribute to achieve the product quality which our clients deserve and receive.

Ensuring the success of a company is an increasing and a complex challenge. Therefore, Rex Consulting has recognised as a goal the developing of a unique blend of resources and services which can be flexible enough to help our clients achieve the results they require.

Rex Consulting


Current time in Sofia, Bulgaria

10:35 AM 03 December 2022
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Venzi Vassilev

Head Office

99 Knyaz Boris I Str, Sofia, Bulgaria

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