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Onyema Osueke & Co

3rd Floor, 5 Simpson Street, Near Obalende, P. O. Box 6519 Marina, Lagos


Hope Osueke
E: [email protected]
T: 00234 - 145307 - 85

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Onyema Osueke & Co


Onyema Osueke & Co is an indigenous firm of chartered Accountants, financial and tax consultants. The firm prides itself on good quality service delivery. Very experienced professionals who trained in one of the “BIG FOUR” professional accounting firms and have practised for more than two decades set it up in 2002. Our policy is to ensure that our clients get priority attention. Our service delivery is aided by the application of the most modern technology available and the dedication of good quality staff.

Being a service delivery firm, our staff are our most valuable assets. We ensure they are up to date on happenings in our professions. They are trained regularly to achieve this near perfection.

Our Member Spotlight is a Q&A with our member which covers some of the key issues in their sector, and gives an a greater insight into the firm and their operations.

The future is looking great and is likely to be exciting. New frontiers in the digital space are being explored and this is likely to expand the scope of the profession, both in the financial and taxation sphere. As the world gets smaller business-wise, there will be a lot of transborder transactions that will positively impact the accountancy profession, both in terms of employment for the accountant and opportunities for accountancy firms.

Our growth strategy is to try and grow from within in terms of staffing and to explore partnerships with other like-minded firms in Nigeria. We are also looking at growing our advisory income in the coming years.

Growth in our fee income by more than 100% and concomitant increase in specialist staff to support the growth. We also intend to explore the inclusion of earnings for the firm, in international assignments.

The biggest challenge for us as a firm is the pushback on fees by clients. This sometimes leads to inadequate payment for work done. Other challenges include the constant turnover of trained staff.

Less than 2 %.

Bookkeeping, recovery of statutory deductions from employers other than taxes for regulatory organizations, and Loan recovery for financial institutions.

To leverage on the relationship for training, networking, and access to international assignments.

To grow to be a top 10 international alliance.

Medium and small companies operating in the service, manufacturing and financial sectors in Nigeria.

Presently working as a tax consultant for United States Pharmacopeial (USP).

We indicate to existing and prospective clients that we are part of an international alliance.

We specialize in Audit, Tax and Advisory.

Onyema Osueke & Co


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3:09 AM 28 September 2022
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Head Office

3rd Floor, 5 Simpson Street, Near Obalende, P. O. Box 6519 Marina, Lagos

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