Management Consulting Group

Management Consulting Group is a team of business professionals who are committed to helping organizations achieve the objectives and successfully overcome the challenges they face.

We will act with you as a single team to get successful results in the shortest time.

The Management Consulting Group offers clients full range of audit and accounting services including:

Financial Reporting Audit
Financial audit, conducted in accordance with International Audit Standards, includes audits of financial position, performance of the company (profit or loss), cash flow and changes in their own capital.

Tax audit
Tax audits include examination of performance of company obligations in relation to the state according to all existing taxes. We provide detailed analysis of transactions in terms of tax liability and will consult you in this direction.

Our employees provide your accounting accounting in compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards.

Financial Management Consulting Services
Modern standards of business manufacturing require high level specialists in financial management. We can offer help and engagement to our professionals in financial management of your company.


Levan Gujabidze
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2 Dolidze street, Tbilisi, Georgia

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