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Legalis is a lawyer’s office that commits itself to assisting entrepreneurs during the start, the growth, the internationalisation and the ending of their company.

Legalis strives to deal with the cases entrusted while offering the largest guarantees of quality as possible. This means that work should be carried out selectively.

In this case, it means that the office will only deal with cases within the sectors of company law, business law, economic law, transportation law, social law, traffic law, insurance law, social and economic criminal law, criminal transportation law, administrative law and cross-border disputes.

Advice can often be priceless, when it can prevent unnecessary expenses. However, providing solid advice requires a thorough knowledge of the activities of the clients.

That is why specialized expertise is most efficient when there is a lasting cooperation. Besides this, Legalis is often consulted in the sectors of transportation law, company law and international private law in single cases. These interventions happen on request of a colleague or a legal expenses insurer. In some cases, the nature of the dispute can actually require a specific expertise of the concerning matter.


Theo Macours
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