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Glezco Asesores y Consultores



David González
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Glezco Asesores y Consultores


We are a consolidated firm with more than 30 years of experience and offices in Santander and Madrid.

We provide a comprehensive advisory service to business families and companies in Spanish and English through our Accounting, Tax and Labor Areas and our divisions Glezco Tax & Legal, Glezco Outsourcing, Glezco Capital Partners & Ventures and Glezco TDIS Innovation & Digital Transformation.

We are specialized in Family Business consulting that includes both the legal and emotional aspects of family-business relationships.

Our Member Spotlight is a Q&A with our member which covers some of the key issues in their sector, and gives an a greater insight into the firm and their operations.

The future of our profession is very exciting and promising. We consider that the need for financial and legal advice will continue to grow, especially in the area of family businesses. Our growth strategy is to continue to offer high quality services and to expand all over the country.

We see a lot of growth potential in the industry, and our growth strategy is to continue to provide excellent service to our clients and to expand our international reach. Our value proposition is based on specialized knowledge and the massive use of the most advanced technological tools in the legal services and consulting sector.

We see our firm 5 years from now as being a leading provider of business advisory services, with a strong international presence. Our strategic plan contemplates doubling our current size in three years and for this we have started a line of growth based on the purchase of other offices of equal or smaller size, both in Madrid and in other cities in Spain.

Our biggest challenge is to continue to provide the highest quality service to our clients while expanding our reach to new markets.

Currently, our work is split evenly between domestic and international clients.

We offer a full range of business advisory services, including strategic planning, financial analysis, and marketing support.

Our main driver for being part of BOKS International is to provide our clients with access to the best resources and advice available.

We see BOKS International 5 years from now as being the premier provider of business advisory services, with a strong global reach.

Our typical client is a small to medium-sized business owner or manager who is looking for expert advice on how to grow their business.

We recently completed an assignment for a client who was expanding their business into new markets. We provided them with market analysis, financial projections, and advice on how to structure their business to maximize their chances of success.

We target clients who are looking for international services by advertising our capabilities in international business publications and by attending international trade shows. We also work with a number of referral partners who help us connect with potential clients.

We do not specialize in any particular sector, but we have a lot of experience working with businesses in the retail, manufacturing, and food service industries. However, we focused our services on family businesses.

Glezco Asesores y Consultores


Current time in Santander, Spain

1:10 AM 28 September 2022
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