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Getzel Schiff & Pesce LLP

100 Crossways Park West, Suite 403, Woodbury, New York 11797


Jeffrey Getzel
T: 00151 - 669285 - 00

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Getzel Schiff & Pesce LLP

United States

Getzel Schiff & Pesce, LLP is a firm engaged in the profession of public accounting and dedicated to rendering professional services of the highest quality. The Firm’s personnel work together in an efficient and harmonious manner, so as to achieve our goals of delivering outstanding service to satisfied clients and helping those clients achieve all of their financial objectives.

The Partners and Staff of Getzel Schiff & Pesce, LLP feel that the Firm is perfectly sized to meet the demands of dynamic, mid-sized companies and yet give those clients the personalized care and attention they need and deserve. It is this personalized care that we believe separates our Firm from other public accounting firms. We are a proactive, creative, planning oriented firm, which identifies problem areas, and potential problem areas, without the client having to identify the problem areas themselves. Most accounting firms are reactive. We stay proactive by aggressively watching potential tax planning opportunities, addressing areas such as pending legislation or recent tax decisions and identifying how these areas will affect our clients. We then help to develop strategic plans or alternative strategies to address the issues at hand.

Each of our clients receives prompt attention to telephone calls, deadlines and requests for meetings. In addition to the traditional role of the independent auditor or accountant, we serve in other key capacities. We are management’s independent sounding board for its plans, goals and aspirations. We are available to respond to, and work with your banks, investment and other advisors to bolster your relationships with these organizations. We like to keep in close contact with the management and board of directors of our clients. In doing so, we are often successful in recommending viable alternatives or sound advice. Being close to management also provides us with greater knowledge of how and why the business is operating in a certain way, or has decided to move in a certain direction. We then take this knowledge not only to the audit or accounting engagement, but also to our tax planning and any additional management advisory services we can provide.



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Jeffrey Getzel

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100 Crossways Park West, Suite 403, Woodbury, New York 11797

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