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Firstbridge Services

Canter Business Centre, P. Felicjan Bilocca Street, Marsa, Malta


Adrian Sciberras
E: [email protected]
T: 00356 2132 2118

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Firstbridge Services


Established in 2005, Firstbridge comprises of a versatile team who provide services of a corporate nature. Throughout this decade of experience the firm has aggregated a vast amount of esteemed clientele, ranging from logistics to retail, small to large sized, start-ups to mature, service to product providers. This extensive experience has equipped the team with the knowledge and expertise required to provide an effective, professional and tailored service for each and every client regardless of their scale, industry, or location.

The firm’s expertise rests with complete professional services which span across accountancy, payroll and back-office support; to more complex services of incorporation, financial advisory, taxation support, administration, VAT, as well as corporate services.

Firstbridge are committed to taking the industry to new heights through the development of efficient and effective strategies bridging the gap between aspirations and reality. The company is dedicated to supporting every business endeavour which they engage with through passion and dedication. Integrity, dedication and quality of service are values which lie at the foundations of Firstbridge. The company’s philosophy holds that with these three qualities at the core of our business strategy, the possibility of failure is minimised to the point of elimination.

Our Member Spotlight is a Q&A with our member which covers some of the key issues in their sector, and gives an a greater insight into the firm and their operations.

In the future, the accountancy profession will reduce the gap between various stakeholders via education and technology. This will empower individuals who venture into the corporate services world to reach their potential whilst serving respective stakeholders.

Firstbridge is people-centric with a robust application of new technologies, putting us as front runners in serving the needs of start-ups and businesses undergoing restructuring.

Firstbridge will have successfully enabled/empowered several start-ups to operate internationally successfully. A structure will be in place to attract foreign start-ups with a pre-approved operation to venture on a tried-and-tested platform with a higher likelihood of success.

Ensuring clients understand the importance of compliance responsibilities and the need to keep clients up-to-date with any changes whilst helping them to thrive with regards to their primary business objectives.


- Carry out feasibility studies to equip you with the right information when contemplating a new business move. -Prepare Financial Business Plans to support lending, and private investment and attain Public / EU funds and incentives. -Perform due diligence exercises to ensure peace of mind before embarking on business investment. -Offer transactional and valuation advisory services. -Support you in mergers and acquisition activity to ensure you grow in the most efficient manner possible, and -Offer other services, including Accountancy, Payroll & HR services, and assistance in Business Tax or Indirect Tax.

BOKS opens the doors to local entities, being the natural reference platform for clients expanding operations abroad and seeking service partners into international markets.

BOKS will have tried and tested platforms for hosting and serving SIGs, and events to foster the relationships within the alliance. BOKS will see the benefits of focusing on technology innovation and leadership development.

Servicing of Start-ups and Corporate transactions.

Firstbridge Services


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7:56 AM 22 March 2023
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Adrian Sciberras

Head Office

Canter Business Centre,
P. Felicjan Bilocca Street,

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