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Blauw Tekstra Uding

Overschiestraat 186k, 1062 XK Amsterdam, Netherlands


Douwe Uding
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Blauw Tekstra Uding


Now operating from Amsterdam, Blauw Tekstra Uding are a law firm that since its incorporation in 1993 has secured an established place within the Dutch legal fraternity. They apply their legal expertise in a practical way, not from the point of view of an ivory tower, but rather as a trusted business partner to their clients. This client-orientated approach is the result of their interest in the dynamics of commercial enterprise in all its aspects. This enables them to offer solutions that go well beyond the legal analysis of a problem. It is an approach that has convinced many domestic and international clients to opt for Blauw Tekstra Uding Business Law Attorneys.

Blauw Tekstra Uding have specialisms in the fields of Employment Law, Company and Investment Law, IT and Intellectual Property Law, Corporate Recovery, Company Law

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Although law firms are confronted with competition from all sides (legal departments of insurance companies, in house lawyers, legal freelancers, legal departments of accountancy firms etc.), a lawyer in The Netherlands still has a privileged position. We have the process monopoly in the Dutch courts to represent justice seekers. Given the information that is available on the internet, we do expect that at the end of the day only the law firms that heavily invest in knowledge (systems) and permanent education of their lawyers, will survive in the next decades.

We are aiming to invite senior lawyers who are providing added value to join our company. The search for compatible future partners is proving to be difficult. At the same time we are offering postdoctoral courses to our talented associates in order to create more leverage and enable them to apply for a shareholders' position.

Our firm will surely be located in its present spot, right near Schiphol Airport and very close to the financial and legal center of Amsterdam, the so called Zuid-as (within 1 mile). The Amsterdam court is at the same distance and our international clients are always presently surprised by the short distance from Schiphol Airport, which is only 10 minutes by taxi or train. From a growth perspective we hope and expect to realize a growth between 25 and 40 % fte over the next three to five years.

Our biggest challenge is to maintain our unique mixture of triple A clients and the pleasant working atmosphere.

Although the international work is more fluctuating, the average amount is 5 to 10 % of our total practice.

The binding factor of our advisory services is contracting law in the broadest sense. We are specializing in corporate law, company law, labor law, restructuring, intellectual property and IT-law. We also have a tax lawyer on board (Ton Tekstra is both a civil and a tax lawyer) who is a national expert on the crossing between tax law and restructuring law. He wrote several standard works.

To be honest one of the main reasons to join BOKS was the fact that I lost the regular stream of new assignments via Dentons, the London firm that recently acquired Boekel, a big Amsterdam firm. We like to work for international clients and by joining BOKS we hope to continue to be able to do so.

This is a difficult question for somebody who has just joined. Of course we hope that BOKS will prove to be an important factor for the success of all the individual firms like ours. Having read about the ambitions of BOKS we would not be surprised if it reaches its goals and will be among the 15 largest global tax and legal networks.

We have such a broad diversity of clients that it is difficult to describe our 'typical' client. You might end up creating an image that resembles a so called duck bill or platypus. Seven or eight out of ten of our clients are either small, medium seized or large companies, several having daughter companies abroad, but we also provide legal services to our national banks, a large international entertainment company and the biggest charity organisation in the Netherlands.

Recently we have assisted an offshore company to close down the Amsterdam branch office and last year I went to the Amsterdam court to represent a south American company to discuss the compensation paid to their European managing director.

Most of our clients reach out to us via our existing international network. I was linked to the South American company via Uria Menéndez in Madrid.

Due to the fact that our profession remains a people business our clients can be found in the financial and insurance sector, we represent several wholesale companies in the construction market, healthcare organisations, publishers, printing industry, charity and many others.



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Blauw Tekstra Uding


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