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Akarora Consulting

The Twig, 6th Floor, Westend towers, Waiyaki Way, Nairobi, Kenya


Roopkamal Arora
T: +254 717010457

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Akarora Consulting


Akarora Consulting is a business and legal consultancy working with international and local businesses to help them flourish in East Africa’s most vibrant markets.

Based in Nairobi, the economic and commercial hub of East Africa, we advise international businesses looking to invest in Kenya and Africa, businesses investing in the UK, and provide business and practice management consultancy services to East African legal businesses.

Our Service Offering Includes:

  1. Market Intelligence & Design Solutions. Leveraging our extensive network in the region, your business objectives can be specifically tailored to create a focused success path that meets the needs of the African market.
  2. Corporate Structure & Tax. We understand the complexities of setting up tax efficient corporate structures for business operation and can implement a range of options to suit your business needs.
  3. With leading expertise, we can ensure that business risk is mitigated through the implementation of cost effective legal solutions appropriate to your business.
  4. Transaction Management. We are here every step of the transaction process to provide you with peace of mind that your transaction objectives will be met and business risk mitigated.
  5. Results Monitoring. We can measure your business performance with relevant reporting, according to your specific needs.
  6. Strategic Growth. With access to expertise across all leading African jurisdictions, we can support with the growth of your business within the African continent.

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7:21 AM 11 August 2020
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Roopkamal Arora

Head Office

The Twig,
6th Floor,
Westend towers,
Waiyaki Way,

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