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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the more commonly asked questions by prospective member firms. If you have any questions that are not answered below, or if you would just like to discuss things in a little more depth, please feel free to contact us. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can email our Business Development Manager, David Moore, on [email protected].

You can apply for BOKS membership by completing the contact form on our website.
Once you’ve been in touch, you will be expected to complete an initial questionnaire to asses your firm before a formal review process is begun.

• You are an independent accounting, audit, law or consulting firm.
• You and/or your clients are looking to exploit the opportunities presented by globalisation.
• You are entrepreneurial and have the desire and a credible plan to grow. your business both domestically and internationally within the BOKS International.
• Your client services and technical capabilities are executed to the highest standard.
• You are either considered to be one of the top firms in your country within your field; or becoming a member of the BOKS International would help you to achieve this.

Annual membership fees are charged at a competitive rate based on exclusive territories. Please contact us for more information.

Yes – a pre-determined level of exclusivity would be given to your firm (city, state or country) depending on your location.

Yes – this as a vital part of your membership to the BOKS International and, as such, we require that at least one partner of your firm attend at least one of our conferences each year. Beyond that, any further attendance is entirely up to you. However, it is worth noting that in our experience, the firms who put the most effort into conference attendance are the firms that benefit the most from their membership.

We have an executive team who act quickly to identify opportunities and continually work to grow the alliance. Our marketing team are available to help all members fully exploit membership, as a means of generating new business in their domestic markets with ongoing information and support offered to all member firms (24 hour response time via email). We are also responsible for the day to day administrative duties of the alliance, organisation of the conferences, sales and marketing and overall continual growth.

No – the only fee paid to BOKS International is your annual membership fee. We do not charge referral fees, nor do we charge a joining fee. The only additional recurring costs are those associated with attending our global and regional conferences.

• As a professionally managed alliance we are constantly looking to improve standards and quality within the alliance and are in a position to carefully select members that have the same ethos, while making sure existing members standards do not curtail
• Our executive and marketing team are available to assist you in any international matters
• With proven low-cost digital marketing techniques and data resources, we can help you to target and convert potential clients with overseas owners, subsidiaries and trading activities
• As a multidisciplinary alliance, we are able to offer a wide range of professional services all over the world so that you can give the best possible service to your international clients

Ultimately the amount of referred business you receive will be a result of your own activity within the alliance. We expect members to make a positive return on their investment each year, but this depends entirely upon your ability to use the alliance and its many resources to your own advantage.

The best results from membership to our alliance can be achieved by attending conferences, being involved in the BOKS International dedicated groups and forums; and by by making good practical use of the many opportunities to network and exchange best practices with other member firms.

The BOKS International board of directors is responsible for mid to long term strategies, policies and administration. The membership committee consists of the CEO and a team of professionals from each field to help maintain BOKS International’s stance.




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